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I thought this project was going to be easy. Had some work done on the house. Outside, in front some solar stuff was replaced with vertical 'smart board' that looks like cedar. More is under a set of 3 windows that were put in to replace a big old worn out bay window last fall. The entire back of the house is cedar-look vertical panel (previously stained but it will be painted same color as the smart board in front. There also is a deck across the back - upper level. The south wall is solar; the north wall and parts of the front are conventional clapboard look hardboard (horizontal) in need of repainting. Checked out the Sherwin-Williams website. It's a fantastic tool for choosing paint colors!!!

None of the example houses look like mine but I chose a couple that show my color choices best. My problem is: I have too many choices - only need one! I put one of the color combos on my desktop and decided it was overwhelming in living color! That's when I went back to the drawing board... and found Sherwin-Williams and so many choices. Please help me make a choice. (Sharba, don't tell which was my first choice, okay? But help me with a new choice.)

The main color is 'fired brick' - trim (windows, etc.) is white. Choices for the secondary color - vertical panels & garage doors are: 1) chamois, 2) link grey, 3) spangle, 4) baked clay, 5) white truffle, 6) ryegrass, and 7) restoration ivory. You'll probably be able to see the color differences better if you click on the one shown here to see it full-sized.

After I finally make a decision I'll tell you which one I chose and why I decided against my first choice.

link grey - love ya Mom
I like the muslin and restoration ivory.

well now that I look again, the baked clay is really nice.

I see your problem. Good luck choosing.
I'm partial to the doeskin, actually, but the green is a good contrasting color. That would be my #2.
Link grey
I chose the doeskin...
(this was without looking at anyone else's comments)

SO, you are keeping your house brick red? Oh, I thought you were going to paint the house a different color.

Well, it's your house, to do with it what you want! =)

Love you!
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