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this article from the Midland Daily News - It's a pontoon paradise. What are they talking about? ... Sanford Lake... and it's just up the way a piece from where I live. Oh my, and can you believe - the article mentions a couple of - oh my - women - who actually were moving those boats around on the water... kind of like 'driving' them or like they are the captains of their own ships. One of them even runs a marina where you can buy gas for your boat... who'da thunk it? Ain't life grand? So who are the old ladies in my family? ...... not me! Okay, just read the article. I guess what I'm trying to say... pontoons are for happy people. ;-)

Hi MOM - You're right - only happy/positive people invited, right?
Hey Mom, I blogged (finally); I also emailed you at granni39 - love you!
I've always believed you're as young as you feel!
I agree! You are as young as you feel! Thank goodness!
Love you!
Ha-ha-ha!!! Luv's ya's ;-)
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