Don't Like Punxsutawney Phil's Prediction?

...Come to Freeland Michigan! The groundhog under my garage - forever after referred to as Freeland Fil, did NOT see his shadow this morning! Over there in Pennsylvania Phil saw his shadow! Lucy isn't blogging today because she's over there in Punxsutawney, but she sure peaked my interest in the critter. Darn! It's almost sunny now... will that change Freeland Fil's prediction? Tell me NO!

Yesterday Ruth had answers to five 'get to know you' questions. Why not stop by and share your answers with her? Here are mine:
Five Get-to-Know-You Questions (Copy the questions and provide your answers. Link back so we can see how far this goes.)
1. What was your favorite game as a child? Hmmm! I played cowboys & indians with my brother & his friends and once in a while I'd make him play house with me!

2. What's the best thing about being you? You can believe me.

3. What's your favorite meal of the day, and why? Currently food doesn't much matter to me but traditionally my favorite meal is dinner because that is a good time for family or friends to catch up with each other on the day's progress.

4. Would you rather be exceptionally smart or exceptionally good-looking? Neither... I'd prefer smart enough and lookin' good but not perfect. I'm not sure I could handle all that perfection in either department!

5. How would you describe your underwear drawer? rather neat, simple, clean, non-impressive.

...and don't forget Monday Madness!
Number 5 daughter Natalie (aka OttO) asks: Have you ever played the A-Z game? Here's how we played this past Christmas: The first person has to start with the letter A and name something that is related to Christmas, the next player has to repeat the A-word, PLUS one beginning with the letter B, and so on, and so on. NOW, for my challenge to you! Using the letters of the alphabet in order, name as many words as you can (or want, or feel like it) that have something to do with the town (or state) you live (or work) in...
Bigger than it was 10 years ago
Central to a tri-cities area
Darned near perfect
Early settlement for lumbermen
Good farmland
Happy residents
Important people live here (aren't we all?)
Januarys are cold
Kind people live here
Lots of variety in personalities
Many cornfields
Near colleges
Opportunities for growth
Partly sunny
Quiet afternoons
Red sunsets
Soy beans & sugar beets
Tittabawassee River
United efforts
Venerable old families
Xtra nice folks
Young & old
Zebras don't live here!

...and here's a 'Sherle Report' - I'm fine... even better because I learned there was actually a physical reason for my funky feeling. The bad news is I have shingles (aka herpes zoster, a relative of the childhood disease, chicken pox) and will have it the rest of my life. Hopefully the meds my new doctor prescribed will control that factor. The pain was so all encompassing that it would bring out negative aspects in Mother Teresa! ...and I'm NO Mother Teresa so you can just imagine.

As many know, 'the husband' died on August 29. What many didn't know is our doctor changed direction around that same time. Last week I was hurting - from the herpes and from the husband loss - and even with the best family in the world I felt all alone and miserable. Today I have a new medical doctor taking care of the body and another doctor, of the ph.D variety, who is helping me take care of my grief. Already issues with both mind and body are lessening. I just want to thank everybody for caring. I love you, one and all.

Your kids played cowboys and Indians too - perhaps we learned that from you - my favorite was Gilligan's Island - I think I was Gilligan with Shar being the skipper or the professor - fun times. Nice to see you blogged and happy to hear you're feeling better in both body and mind. love you Mom - I named my "business" Holistic Health Massage - it's relevant and popped in my head. Love you bunches
The only positive thing about Shingles is that it is not fatal (at least not immediately LOL ). I stopped by to see my oldest sister many years ago. She was about 75 at the time, She had Shingles and looked and felt so sick I thought she was at death's door. She lived to be 97. I am glad you got a diagnosis. It is easier to deal with these things when we get a name for them.
I loved you Alphabet game.
hi sherle, i've joined in the 5 get to know u questions on my blog.. thanks & have a great day!
Our 6 more weeks of winter started out with a day that was 53 degrees at 6:00 this morning.
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