Good morning...

Happy Valentines Day!

I slept through the night last night for the first time in a month... Is that all? It seems even longer!

Took my pill... the pain I feel when awakening will lessen in about an hour... Supposedly this too will lessen as the medication builds up in my body.

Today I have an appointment with my grief counselor. This could get to be habit forming. I enjoy talking with him.

Don't forget to read the entry I posted last night - late. It's where I have my answers to OttO's Monday Madness... and Don't forget to choose your favorite 5 photos for February!

and I just wanted to share this quote for today:

"Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep
it from themselves."
-- James Matthew Barrie, Author

I lost a 15 year-old son a long while back, and joined a bereavement group. Actually, 2 friends and I started it. It was a good thing. It's somehow better to know that other people have the same feelings and confusions that you do. Doesn't fix a thing, but helps you to feel less alone - or something.

My thoughts are with you often.

...and mine with you Cassie! Somehow I can't help but believe loss of a child would be even more painful... but how can you measure that kind of pain... or love for that matter? God bless you. ;-)
I live with my Valentine, and we don't really celebrate, but he got me a card and a candy bar today! He's a real sweetie. We had chili for dinner. Homemade of course!
Love you!
I haven't read your answers for MM yet, but I will... I'm glad we visited last night, Mom. And I'm really glad you treated yourself a little bit more special today. You're definitely worth it!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and know how much you're loved. =)
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