What do you think when you hear the word - environmentalist? I guess i always thought it was a good thing... all about cleaning up our environment. Now I don't think so! As individuals, many of us are probably true environmentalists but as organizations i'm beginning to think they all have personal agendas that are not necessarily for our good.

Right now in my beautiful state of Michigan... the Water Wonderland State... there is a group changing the limits on dioxin from the EPA's stated national accepted level of 1,000ppt (that would be parts per trillion. Do you know how tiny a part per trillion might be?) to a ridiculously impossible level of 90ppt. I knew there was something rotten happening when it happened to coincide with a changing of the guard politically. The more i read... the more i need to read... the more i learn... ad infinitum.

There are a few 'environmentalist' nutcases in my part of Michigan that have taken that new dioxin standard to the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and had all the land in the Tittabawassee River floodplain declared a 'toxic waste facility' which means nobody should want to buy our land!!! Not only that, we should not want it. We should be willing to give it away to the state so they can make an extended swamp out of it!!! Read this letter to the editor of the Saginaw News and see what i mean.

Another thing i've read recently was about the Sierra Club... another group of environmental extremists. These people believe we should not allow any more immigration into the United States. Their rationale? There isn't enough room for the wildlife already. People are taking up their space. What do those nutcases think we should do? Cage people up in limited spaces?

Do you like my logo on the left? The one with the trash can? Why don't you join me in an anti-environmentalnut campaign. Put my logo on your site and link it to http://tittabawassee.blogspot.com. I will be eternally grateful. If you don't like the color, let me know and i'll make one up in the color of your choice.

I'm hoppin' mad!!! Part of the property i live on is in the Tittabawassee River floodplain. I've lived here for 45 years and paid mighty big taxes for the privilege! I'll be darned if i'm going to give it away!

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