My spirit flower is back, OttO! I took it off last week because it seemed like my blog took forever to open up and that's with cable!!! I couldn't imagine anybody with a phone modem even bothering to wait long enough to read it. I saved it though, so now i'm gonna give it another try.

Hey I saw my first sign of spring last week!!! It wasn't a robin... no I saw my first robin several weeks ago. No, it was a really big guy wearing shorts! Good gosh, it was about 50 degrees fahrenheit that day, but i guess vanity got the best of him?? He wanted to start working on his tan? Hmmm. Maybe he had been to Florida and already has a tan! I really couldn't tell because it was difficult to see his skin through his hairy legs! You know the weird part is he had a warm jacket on, so i guess he knew it was cold outside. The other weird thing was it looked like he was shopping with his son... anyway the kid was a lot younger than him..... and they were watching a cute little blonde chick. The geezer kept whispering something to the boy, then looking at the girl.... Golly, i hope they weren't stalking her!

...anyway, about the flower. If you're using a phone modem and this thing loads too slow, please leave a comment and let me know.

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