If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Sound familiar? Well here's a saga for you. Some of you may know i've ventured into a new avenue... President of our local computer association. I volunteered to do that after my dearly beloved husband (who knew nothing about website building) volunteered to replace the last webmaster of same association. He knew i'd help him get going... he knew it!

I did. I helped him. I took the whole thing and moved it into Microsoft FrontPage and even created our own theme according to what he visualized.... got it going and he can work with it. He's comfortable with it and doing a darned good job. At our last meeting he got all kinds of compliments... from our members and from visitors! So now... guess what happened?

Our server is down... and it's not as simple as it sounds. Our server is provided by the association our association belongs to! This guy is a volunteer just like me and as you know... some of us know and do and others pretend they know - or think they know - but don't! I'm afraid the poor fellow who decided he could change servers for us got in over his head. We've been down since last Saturday.. that's 3 days now...

Maybe i'll just move the site over to my domain until he gets it fixed. It's beginning to look like the way to go. Hmmm! who said being prez would be easy, eh?

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