That was Friday... this is Sunday... what a difference a couple of days can make! Fell asleep in the middle of the day... I don't do that! Woke up in time to cook dinner... as i was beginning to get things ready - had a rebellion session. It dawned on me that even if my heart is perfect, i just had surgery! Part of the post-op instructions were... do not lift anything for five days.... this thought came just as i was filling up a big heavy pot with water to put on the stove! It dawned on me that when Frank has surgery... seems like a regular thing... he lays around, rests, and gets waited on!

So i had a fit... got some help... what would i do if i lived alone i ask ya!???! He was able to handle it... with the frozen meatballs (since thawed)... canned mushroom soup... packaged noodles... canned mushrooms... a little onion and celery (he learned how to sautee` them)... we ended up with a pretty tasty meal! All i had to do was sit back and give directions. Nicole, thanks for the Blue Mountain card! It made me smile. ;-)

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