Did some gramma stuff again this past weekend! Girly Girl launched her thespian experience as a chorus girl! Great job, girl! You are destined for ever bigger and better things. Totally enjoyed a great highschool performance of 'Once Upon a Mattress' and grampa has pictures up on his pBase to show why. Click the pic to see the best of the best! Always fun visiting Sharba57 and fam! We were treated to dinner then went to the show! They fed us a complete turkey dinner - dressing and the works!!! and then for dessert, number one son-in-law baked me a birthday cake, which we had with ice cream after the show! Coming soon... Sharba's students in their spring endeavor.

Catching up on stuff around the house today. Four giant loads of laundry... still drying and folding... thanks to Goober i can take a break. He loves clean sheets and is currently cuddled up on the bed so i couldn't possibly waken him to put the bed back together! Guess i'll just have to blog awhile. Darn! Some say my kitty cat family is spoiled rotten. Why? Just because i managed to fit into my busy day today a repotting session! We bought them some grass and catnip last week at PetSmart and it was in big need of transplanting! Yes, yes we have catnip outside, but it's not growing right now... too early! The grass is in their favorite 'garden window' where they nibble at it now and again... but i hung the catnip up high in a window so it can fully recover before i let them have at it! AmyLou and EllieMae were allowed a nip at one of the repotted plants and it was trimmed back in a hurry!

Gonna be incognito for the next few days... got a bundle of stuff to do in my capacity as Secretary and Webmaster for the lake association... plus there's a newsletter i need to prepare before the end of this month! Gotta hurry... gotta scurry... see ya soon!

Did i mention the crop? Yes, i went to Foggy's crop too... only i went on Friday and got her going early! That way i was able to do everything i wanted to do last weekend! We had a wonderful visit... just the two of us... and that's really a special treat. With six daughters and a husband, sometimes it's kind of hard to have any one on one happening... ya know? Anyway... i got three more pages done... in AmyLou's 'baby book'... and i'm now up to April/May 2001... yeah i know i'm ahead of some of you, but remember when you were so proud of me because i was right up to date and working on the 'backwards' books? Ah, where does the time go?

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