As a little kid we never ate meat on Fridays! ...and why? ...because good little Catholic children didn't eat meat on Fridays - and if we did we had to tell the priest in the confessional that we did . ...and why? ... because eating meat on Friday was a mortal sin punishable by hellfire if we didn't confess! During Lent - that was another whole story - they actually added days to the list of times we couldn't eat meat! My mom used to make lots of macaroni and cheese (no Kraft's back then - REAL macaroni and cheese!). Occasionally she would fix a tuna casserole or eeeeeeeeew! get this... creamed salmon with peas on toast! Those were the special days!

When my kids were little... we had a lot of fishsticks - and 'Kraft' macaroni and cheese.... sometimes a tuna noodle casserole... sometimes salmon patties or salmon loaf - but never NEVER creamed salmon with peas on toast! We never had 'real' macaroni and cheese because a block of cheese never lasted that long around our house... besides, 'Kraft' was cheaper! Then when my kids were growing into teenagers, it was no longer a sin punishable by hellfire to eat meat on Friday. Why? Because the Pope said so, that's why! Actually, to be fair to the Pope, there was something called an ecumenical council that changed the 'bad people eat meat on Fridays' rule.

Anyway... now that i'm a grownup and my kids have their own kids...i eat all the meat i want... anytime i want! You know why? Because i can! ... and because i'm a carnivore just like a lot of other animals in God's creation! Now, boys and girls, have any of you ever heard of PETA? I'm not sure what those letters stand for but i'm sure it's something like "People who Eat Twigs Association" or something like that! Anyway... they say really BAD stuff about people like you and me who eat meat! They don't even want us to eat any fowl or fish either! What a bunch of wienies!!!

Back to the point... i was visiting a website called Yourish.com where they pointed me to one of the latest plain old foolish things that PETA is propagandizing about... they call it 'modern day holocaust.' My God! These people are crazier than i thought they were! They're just plain NUTZ!!! In rebellion to such maniacal behavior some other folks (not sure who) have declared March 15 National Eat an Animal for PETA Day! You can read all about that at Yourish.com. Hey! I'm picking sides! I'm going with the carnivores...

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