Vanity website! Damn you, PowWeb!!! Certainly no advertisement going on for you on MY websites... MY blogs... nor some of MY loved ones' blogs, for that matter! Went to one of my blogs today... no pictures!!! Checked another... and then tried to get to SalasCove... NOTHING!!! I've a friend using PowWeb... his site is up... mine isn't! Suppose i should feel paranoid about it? Who's at fault... God?... the government?... big business?... all of above? Oh heck, i guess i'll just pass it off as 'luck of the draw.' PowWeb has several servers that i know of... because i currently know four people with websites at PowWeb. Just checked all of the other three... two of us are up; two are not! This is why i don't gamble! Bear with me... i'm sure all that lovely photography will return... not to mention all my backgrounds, etc.

Ah well, it you were just coming here for the pictures, it would be a pretty superficial site anyway, wouldn't it?

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