Catching up on my reading this morning... the old fashioned way Our local newspaper has an article about a big "petition" put up on the wall at the mall. Decorated with "hands" - people are signing their names in support of our military troops who are being shipped out to the eastern part of the world. I'm giving you a chance to do the same thing online... See my photo of President Bush? Click on him and you will be transported to the place where i'm collecting signatures in support of our troops! They're not asking for money... just our verbal support! Go for it! Show all those "celebrities" out there who want to tell us how to think... well, show them what you really think! When you sign in you will receive a URL in your email asking you to notify ten to twenty people (via email) of their opportunity to support our troops just as you did! Let's make it an epidemic of good will toward those brave men and women who have voluntarily signed up to defend our great country in time of need!

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