What happened!!!!?!... we'll probably never know! Just finished watching the ll:00 p.m. news... ready to shut down the computer for the night... and BOOM!!#!!?!! ,,, a loud noise and simultaneously the power went out! ...and on... and out,,, a few beeps electronic clocks and such... The UPS beeping... and then the power was out for sure! Turned off the computers... looked around and saw houses on our road were also without power. (Yes believe it or not we've had occasion where some of the neighbors have power and others don't!) A local police car drives slowly by... flashing a searchlight toward the house... and he stopped - just south of our house - lights flashing and searchlight aimed out toward the empty field.

What we do know... a pickup truck loaded with teenagers flew off the road into the field. Nobody was hurt. There was no ice or snow on the road... it's just at the end of a curve (or beginning - depending on which direction you're headed toward). We know because... Gramps went out and asked the officer what happened.. and asked him to report our power outage, since we are currently without a cell phone... and our old-fashioned dial phone is up north. It's cold out; it's night; there's no power; we went to bed and hoped for the power to return. As I read by flashlight power, I could hear the officer and kids talking... heard the wrecker pull them out... and went to sleep. We woke up in a nice, cozy warm house - with electricity!

Will we ever know more about it? I don't think so. What a weird coincidence that the accident and the power outage were simultaneous! Apparently they were not connected in any way. Although our town, just like any other, has fires, accidents, vandalism and an occasional more serious crime, we never read about it in the newspaper. Prison sirens go off - blowing for five minutes straight... an occasional guy in your back yard with a suit and a badge... We never see anything about it on the local TV news. It's as though nothing ever happens here. Bizaare don't you think? We live in the "perfect" place!

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