Once a mom you are never again 'not a mom'... and one thing mom's do is worry. Foggy had a handbells thingy going on this morning... couldn't miss it because people from out of town were all involved too! I know she went. She had to drive through the winter storm we had yesterday to get home from practice and back for more practice and the performance today. The road was a glare of ice this morning! Worried though i was i'm proud of her too. It's that 'don't quit' attitude my girls all have! I'm proud of you Foggy!

Proud of gramps too! Determined guy that he is he spent a good share of yesterday on a computer-related project for OttO and kid! What a good dad and grampa! Guess he's a keeper?

Also i'm 'tickled pink' about a friend of mine... a very good friend, she has a blog that's getting a lot of web traffic. She calls her blog Ladiosa Dellago... and although i think she's quite an interesting person she doesn't want her identity known so i'm honoring her request. I do, however, recommend you read her blog. I've added it to my dropdown menu on this site as well, so if you forget to bookmark it today, you can always find her there.

Something new is on at Blogger - audio blogs! Haven't checked into it myself but there's a guy using it on his blog and even though his entry isn't all that interesting to me personally the concept is exciting!!! You just talk to your blog from your cell phone. Read all about it at Blogger. It sure has amazing possibilities!!! They're offering a free trial period right now but will be charging $3/month. Just think about it.... What would i call it? Radio Grumbleeze? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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