Forgot about the robins!!! How could i forget about the robins!???! They've been here several days now... digging in the snow under the hawthorne bush for berries... scrounging in old leaves for bugs... even at the feeder! This year they are here in droves.

Why the distractions? Had a birthday... the good news is it wasn't forgotten! Frank even baked me a birthday cake!!! --- first time ever!! The bad news? The bug had an accident... the good news? ...she told us about it right away!... more bad news? her car's a mess! ...more good news? she's okay!

The good news again?.... oh yeah!!! The robins!!! Can spring be far away? The other good news? Oh, yes! My baby's grown up. Know how i can tell? She told us about her misfortune and very eloquently I might add! I love you, Bug! ;-)

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