I have succumbed to some really fun new stuff... answering some cool questions and posting them on my own blog. I've got a blog just for that purpose; i call it Stuff. Also, my good friend OttO will fill in the Monday slot of questions - just a little something to help us get over the Monday 'blues' so i'm hoping you will bookmark it now. Be first in line - no, make that second because I'm planning to be first.

Here's the game... Monday you will find three questions at Monday Madness. We copy the questions into a notepad or directly to our blog (in my case I put those answers in "Stuff") - then answer the questions. After they're answered, go to Monday Madness in the 'comments' section where the questions are, and tell OttO that you answered the questions and give the URL to your blog with the answers. If you have no blog, just leave your answers in the comments section.

Sounds silly but it's fun! I'm hooked!

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