I have it on pretty good authority that farmer Jimmy Joe has been taking advantage of perky little Bessy. You see, Bessy's a young cow that recently became a mother, so Jimmy Joe went out there and started stealing her milk from her! Can you imagine that???!? ...said he was gonna let his own kids drink it... and maybe even sell some of it to make a little money!
Now I know this is true because i heard it from some people that were out that way visiting Jimmy Joe's brother Zeke's vegetable farm. Oh my gosh! Wonder if that was the people i saw over at Zeke's fondling the tomatoes, scavenging through the lettuce pile and weighing up some navy beans for their supper that night. They said they were gonna eat that stuff! Don't they know those veggies were once living organisms... and Zeke actually had to kill them by cutting them from their roots???! Well i have to get busy now... cooking up some stone soup for supper tonight.

Happy "Eat an Animal for PETA Day" y'all... and if you have a minute... go over and see what ladiosa dellago has to say about today.

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