Spring is when? My other half (neither is the better one) finally got to play with his new toy! Got that driveway cleaned out in maybe a half hour... I went out to get a photo of him starting... and before i knew it he was blowing out the turnaround! Well, okay, we got the snowblower as insurance against getting significant snowfall, but i personally know he was kind of excited about using it for the very first time!

Okay, i'll admit.... i was beginning to feel a little guilty about having a brand new computer while he was once again reformatting his old one! But hey! I'd forgotten about his new toy! You've got to admit that guys count their "work" machines as toys too! About Spring... i think it's supposed to get here on the 20th... that's only fifteen days away! Well, the weather guys are telling us this snowfall won't last. I can see it melting out there where it's been cleared from the driveway, already!

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