It's my birthday! How does it make me feel?... glad to have yet another one, that's how!!! You know what's really strange? When i was a kid i remember always wishing i was older - my ideal age to become was 21! When i was 21 i was already mother of one and expecting baby number two! I was working on having the perfect family - mine! I was going to have a family of children - preferably girls - that would know they were loved! I hope i've accomplished that... i think i did! ...and got the girls too - six to be exact. No i have nothing against boys... i love my grandsons as much as my granddaughters... but girls i wanted and girls i got. I'm proud of the six beautiful and talented women my babies have become!

Which was my most unappreciated age? No, it wasn't 29... or even 39... (matter of fact i'm still 39!!! I was about 51 and shopping in a dollar store... on a Wednesday! The clerk at checkout asked me if i was over 50 - the reason? They had Wednesday specials for the older shoppers - and get this (!) ...they called it 'senior's day'!!! Can you believe? ... at 50? How mundane... how totally ridiculous! But it made me feel really down in the dumps! You see only a year before i'd been 'downsized' from Dow Chemical Company!!! This was early in the game... downsizing wasn't really a way of life yet... and i had taken it hard! I actually lived in a funk for several YEARS after that happened - years lost forever... unretrievable!

...and how old am i now? Well i'm younger than i was that day in the dollar store, that's for sure! I'm happy, noisy, vibrant, active and younger than ever!!! That's how old i am... and proud of every single year of it! Do i regret those 'lost' years? No not really... they weren't lost! I learned from them! Happy 39th birthday to me!

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