Yahoo, where are you going with this? I'm one of those people who actually use my address book! Lately everytime i click on 'To', get the address book, make my choices and add... i get a Microsoft Internet Explorer error message and get knocked off yahoo! What's that all about? I changed to Yahoo address for continuity... when my cable company changed over from @home to charter pipeline. Is charter here to stay? Maybe i can change back!

Wear your boots.... your really really high boots! Should have heeded that traditional 'motherly' advice yesterday! With weather hovering near 60's even 'up north' most of the snow was melted... sure it made for wet ground... but it was gone!!!... except for maybe a little snow in the shade. The city park was so foggy on the big lake that we could barely see the harbor markers out there at the channel... but the only place we saw snow was in deep piles where the snow removal trucks had dumped it...

...so we went to our cottage on the little lake! Immediately saw the snow was so deep and squishy that we parked up near the 'service drive' and walked down to the cottage and the lake. Took off my slide-in sandels (traveling shoes) and put on my walking shoes... got out of the truck and sunk in... up to my knees!!! Good! The cottage is still there! The lake is still there! Tried OttO's new phone service... phoned her daughter with it... phone to phone you know... and wonder of wonders!!! We had a good clean clear connection! Inside the cottage! A first with us! Our new cellular service will definitely be Sprint! It's a wonderful thing. Sure, we know there are no leaves in the woods this time of year... but there are lots of pines... and we were inside the house getting good, clean, clear conversation!

We plodded back up the hill in four feet of extremely wet snow drifts to the truck... got in with wet socks and jeans... ready to go to our meeting but it was early yet, so... duh me!!! i suggested we drive down the service drive to the public access area! Got down there alright... in 4-wheel drive... we squished and pushed our way through to the turnaround and proceeded back toward the exit... NOT! We landed in a hole! Did you know that if you're in deeper than your bumper 4-wheel drive doesn't get you moving? We met another good neighbor! He has a full-sized 4-wheeler and effortlessly pulled us out of the hole... where we were able to proceed on our own out and to the road! Thank you Philip! You're a wonderful neighbor!

Went to our meeting... early... (and with wet socks)... caught up on our homework for said meeting... had a good one - very productive! Ended up with lots of work cut out for me... thanks Frank for nominating me secretary a couple of years ago! Oh well, keeps me off the streets i guess.

Went home... a 2-1/2 hour drive... but the cottage isn't people-friendly yet this year. Maybe we can get it opened up earlier this year since weather is turning around so agreeably, huh? Ended up with dry socks and dry jeans... heard most of a really fun little book on tape - 'The Cat Who Played Postoffice' - got stuff unloaded from the truck, mostly put away, and to sleep by midnight! Hmmm! Didn't we have more free time when we were working stiffs?

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