I give thanks every day of my life..... for my blessings. Lord knows i don't ask for much. I never had... nor wanted... the best house... the most important job or even... loads of money! All i ever wanted in life was my own family to love... a big one... enough money to feed, clothe and educate them...... and i got all that! Most important... i have my own companion to love and live with for my whole lifetime and his... a companion that i respect... and he respects me as well... and one that is my intellectual equal. This makes me happy.

Sometimes there are 'bumps in the road of life' but a healthy person always gets over those bumps. Thank you God for making me a healthy person. My children (now all grown) are not perfect. My husband is not perfect. Heck, I'm not even perfect..... we leave the 'perfect' position in you hands, dear God! You can be perfect for us.

I got into an argument with one of the 'big six' recently. I love her deeply. I am her mother. I can never not be a mother for as long as i live. It hurts me mentally and psychologically to see my child suffer.... any one of my children for that matter! This one suffers daily. I know why she suffers. I cannot help her. I can only pray for her. So I do.

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