Hackert Lake Reflections Okey dokey folks... you can click on that link and see my latest effort. Part of my motivation had to do with a little 'mistake' i made Wednesday night just before my bedtime. I'd been updating the Hackert Lake Association website and finally finished it. In my zeal to upload the MS FrontPage update... it gets loaded to SalasCove... i did a minor 'mess-up' and replaced SalasCove with the whole darned lake!

It's fixable but I'm at the lake and the computer with all my 'brains' is at home so..... i updated the 'portal page' which is located at Angelfire. Well I've been thinking about making the portal a blog for some time... so given a bit of rainy weather here at the lake, i got the thing started. When i get back home, will put it all together.

Did i mention we had a seven hour power outage? Had nothing to do with the rain... this happened on a beautiful sunny day... although a bit windy. A tree fell and knocked down the power lines! Frustration? yes! We were actually forced to get out and enjoy the perfectly beautiful weather. El spouso couldn't even work on his outdoor project... a necessary job. Good news?... he'll finish it today and my lake blog project is ready for our little lake's residents!

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