Where am i... what time is it... are we there yet? Just finished watching Maid in Manhattan - a DVD loaned to us by daughter OttO! (No that's not her real name... but we've got 'incognito' names for all of us! I mean... do you really think i'm 39? Of course not!!! I'm at least 40 by now.... anyway... where was i? Oh!

After the movie... i stopped by at BloggerSeeds, a delightful little idea place designed, developed, and frequently updated by Otto, Windy and me! Otto recently did some updating and i just kind of rambled over both pages.... BloggerSeeds and MoreBloggerSeeds.... developed because we just couldn't help ourselves! Just as i wander here... so did i from BloggerSeeds.... and somehow ended up at.....

the Ageless project where i was put in my place!!! Why didn't I think of that!???! I thought i was the only real granni around and no, i'm not..... sure i know... Windy's a granni..... even Otto is (although some of her grandkids are too old to really be her grandkids! But i found out that silly ol' me.... i'm not the oldest apple in the WWW basket! ...and the beautiful thing about the Ageless project?... the youngest one on the list was born in 1990 so i guess it isn't really about age after all!

...anyway the point is? Oh yeah! BloggerSeeds..... MoreBloggerSeeds..... where do ya think i found that Ageless thing, huh? Such a delight! Visit BloggerSeeds often! I've got smart kids! and they're generous too! They not only love learning; they love sharing what they learned and you'll find lots of it right there! Where? Oh yeah..... BloggerSeeds! Want a meme where you can answer their questions any ol' day of the week? Get on the Random Questions..... Random Days mailing list! Windy will let you know when she does an update.... and where is Random Questions..... Random Days? .... well , duh.... at BloggerSeeds of course! Ya gotta LOVE it!

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