Been minus internet for TWO whole days!!! Charter cable is not very reliable sometimes! Anyway, it's back, and so am I so first I'm getting up to date with my memes.... answered Randsom Questions at Stuff.... and here is:
Monday Madness
1. Have you ever attended a concert? If so, who; and how old were you when you attended your first concert?
When our kids were young we had family tickets to the Saginaw Symphony Orchestra annually. We sat right up front with six little girls so the kids could see everything as well as hear it. We also attended Saginaw Eddy Band concerts (summer in the park dealies). All of the girls are musicians and most of them played in the Eddy Band and some in the Symphony... as they grew older. Of course there were countless concerts as they played in high school and even beyond and now we've attended our grandchildren's band concerts. First concert? Hmmm. Can't remember... probably was Eddy Band! Oh yes, we attended a few others many years ago... notably I remember Diane Warwick at the Civic Center and Chuck Mangione at CMU.

2. What is the biggest ride or rollercoaster that you've ever been on? Were you frightened to go on it?
As a child I loved the 'JackRabbit' at Wenonah Beach in Bay City... an old rickety wooden monster. After my first pregnancy I could no longer 'hold my cookies' on rides... my latest favorite 'ride' being the Carousel at the Saginaw Children's Zoo!!!

3. Is there an annual 'festival' that you make sure you never miss? If so, please tell about it; if not, is there any annual event that you like to attend
Not much of a festival goer... I really don't like being in crowds... get sort of claustrophobic!

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