HOT WINGS said the headline of our local newspaper!... and were they ever hot! The Red Wings won a great big cup - it takes three men and a boy to lift it - and the natives are ecstatic! Well, if you don't live in the mid-Michigan area, perhaps you don't even know what I'm talking about... or if you live in a "vacuum cleaner" as Lisa used to say when she was a little kid. Anyway, I'm not in a vacuum cleaner, but I am in mid-Michigan, so it's unavoidable. The Detroit Red Wings (a hockey team) won the Stanley cup (that giant cup I referred to) and mid- Michigan is celebrating! They're partying down in the streets, in their homes, the local bars and even went out and bought brand new red "wings" flags to fly on their car antennas! ...and even though I'm not a hockey fan, I'm glad they won!

I went to a hockey game once. Don't know what's so exciting about it, but I wasn't excited. My mom, who was only in her 60's then, told me that I probably didn't enjoy it because they didn't have any fights during the game... it was only an exhibition game, dont'cha know? I know that wasn't it because I'm not a boxing or wrestling fan either. I guess I just don't get any enjoyment out of watching people hurt people. Anyhow I don't think that most of mid-Michigan was wildly happy and celebrating because of fights!

I think it had something to do with team spirit. When I was in high school back in the 1950's I never missed a football or basketball game. I stood up and cheered when my friends did and booed when they did and was excited when the "Bulldogs" won!!! To this day I can't tell the difference between a touchdown and a basket, but I'm beginning to understand what a goal is...

...yes, I'm becoming a soccer-granni! Nothing more exciting than watching your nine year old grandson do a little victory dance and "high five" his teammates after making a goal. It's really exciting watching your 14 year old granddaughter play such great defensive soccer on her team. I'm even beginning to know a tiny bit about the rules, but you know, I'm learning a lot about team spirit! As I sit there watching, I find myself screaming, "Get it, David!" or... "Go for it, Lisa!" and now I remember something else about that hockey game I went to.

I remember my mom yelling for somebody called "Gordy" to do something! She was identifying with him. She didn't know him from Adam, but she thought he was a good hockey player and she wanted him to win. I love that team spirit thing. It's good to see so many people happy because some guys pushed a puck around on the ice with sticks and into a net often enough to win a great big CUP! We need to win one once in awhile - if only vicariously!

Congratulations, Red Wings! I'm really glad you guys won that cup for all of us here in mid-Michigan!

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