NOTE: June 18, 2002 - We bought new tires! Last winter AllAmerican Ford replaced the Firestone Wilderness AT tires on our 1997 Ford Ranger 4WD. With the first snowfall we discovered that our formerly fantastic 4-wheel drive truck would spin tires in one inch of snowfall. What with various trips to hospital, doctors, etc. for grampa, we didn't pursue the matter.

Come spring! Go to lake where we have to drive uphill on sand to get to the road! Can't DO it! Too late to complain about Goodyear replacement not equivalent to Firestones? Don't know. On Tuesday June 18 we bought a beautiful set of new tires from Discount Tire - BF Goodrich all terrain! The guy said they're good for 50,000 miles! Well, we're gonna test 'em!

Here is the mileage on my little truck with the new tires - new out of the driveway at Discount Tire in Midland - 61,993 miles We shall see how they work today!

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