Love is..... a many-splendored thing... in the eye of the beholder... forever... a state of mind... just around the corner... just a bowl of cherries... (NO! Wait a minute - that one is LIFE is just a bowl of cherries!) We say... "I love you just the way you are....." ..."I love you just because you're you....." ..."I love you anyway....." ...I love you!" Oh yes, at least once in your school career you've had an English teacher or professor assign an essay on "What is love?" Well let me tell you. As mother for forty six years, a grandmother for eighteen years and a spouse, lover and significant other for forty seven years, love is all that but more importantly, love is unconditional!

My husband did not become Mr. Brady from the television show of our younger years; nobody could ever confine me to the kitchen; my kids flew from the nest, made their own mistakes and decisions no matter how much I wanted them to learn from mine; my grandkids are growing up and some of them are just beginning to spread their wings, too! Do I love them? You BET I do - each and every one of them. I love them just the way they are!

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