Bloggin' Problem... This morning I received an email from a fellow blogger - telling me that that when she went to her blog, she got a sign-in sheet asking for name and password to get into a place called blogblog.com! I just went to her blog - and then to my blogs - and in all cases I got a sign-in sheet also! only this was to get into something called buttons.blogger.com. DO NOT SIGN IN! I'm not sure if it could be a "blogger bug" or an "msn bug" but i'm pretty sure it's not good! Both of us have XP. A friend with Win98 didn't have similar problem! hmmmmmmm.

and I don't have a blogger button on any of those pages where i get the signin popup!

Could it have something to do with the new BlogSpot Plus feature - the "password protect" thing? ... perhaps the hacker that went after Blogger last Friday? I've notified Blogger guys! Will keep you posted.

By the way, did you know blogger gives us a place to check on current blogging problems? It's at http://status.blogger.com/

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