Happy Halloween! is my 2-page greeting to you! I feel so good today... The lake association newsletter - promised by yours truly this past summer - was mailed out to all residents and property owners around the lake! What a wonderful crew! Thanks to Sarah for delivering to the publisher, and to Sarah, Jane, and Sandy for "stuffing, stamping and mailing!

Also received "The Last (?) Bike Ride" from our friend, Dale. He completed his bicycle trip around the world last month, then spent some vacation time with his wife, Ruth, in Japan before coming back to Michigan. I got his last journal entry up this week. You must visit and read about his last bike ride! He brought back some photos and you'll find the link to them on his latest entry. If you've been following his journey, you'll really appreciate the photos.

What else? Oh yes! Granni39's WebBuilding Tutorial has a total new look... and new emphasis! The "old" tutorial is archived for anybody who might want to use the information, but new emphasis is on website building resources. Instead of details, I'm sharing the tutorials I use and my sources for graphics, HTML and javascripts. What's next? Granni's KidsPage needs a November page! Gotta get on that!

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