My baby daughter had a sad experience Sunday. She lost a precious member of her family. Okay, she's over forty... she's still my baby... number six of our six-pack! Her loss was Alley, her little girl... a beautiful dog she adopted a couple of years ago, even though she really didn't need another dog. Alley frequently hung out at the Plantation, where my little Bug taught English to business people from other countries. Alley was a frequent visitor to the Plantation grounds where one of Jan's students took a liking to the aggressive little beast.

Jancie already had Bravo, a mostly Rottweiler mutt, and didn't need another dog, but soon enough Alley stole her heart and the student convinced her that she should adopt the pup! With her little family, my baby bought her first home... a brand new single-wide mobile home and five lovely wooded acres in her adopted state of Georgia. The Plantation closed down after September 11, 2001 - foreigners decided it was safer to learn English in their own countries - and her family was her comfort during the trying experience of unemployment. Unfortunately, Alley loved to run free! Her blog, Alley's Thoughtful Spot, tells the rest of her story. (I think Jancie helped her write it.)

Jan with her "kids" Bravo and Alley...

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