My kids! They just keep on making me proud! Otto, for instance is a fabulous photographer - you must see the latest photos she added to her blog! Our youngest granddaughter is a cheerleader; had a parade last weekend... and her mom, OttO, took photos of the parade..... Despite a driving rainstorm she got some awesome pictures! (Alex, we will get to some of your events... and soon, so beware of your camera-bearing grampa!) ;-)

The Bug's going to Hawaii for Christmas! Wow! Don't worry girl, if I had that op, I'd be there in a flash. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a holiday. (I've always said if I won the lotto, my first Christmas after that would be a trip - with ALL the family - to some warm wonderful place!) Problem is... since I'm not a gambler, I don't buy lotto tickets. Oh well.... already threw our life savings away in the stock market anyway. ;-(

Windy, enjoy the leisurely life of a "part-time" teacher while you can. I foresee you in a full-time position again in your future. You always land right side up!

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