Been reading some mighty fine blogs! Thoughtful people.. interesting stuff! Am I remiss in not blogging everyday? Probably, but like to think of myself as more of a catalyst than anything else... and so far appear to be quite an effective one! Blog is my love, but hey guys what's wrong with finding a little new passion, huh? There's a personal domain name in my life now... but only in name so far; I just got it and a place to use it as well. My own name (well am sharing it with my lifetime partner - aka Frank). After all 250 megabytes is a LOT of cyberspace!

Also found a new web editor - thanks to Tech TV's Cat Schwarz's latest newsletter item. You'll have to check out granni39's WebBuilding Secrets to find out all about that! I think it'll be a perfect companion to the new cyberspace and domain... blah blah, etc. So little time - so much to learn - so much to do - ah life, ain't it grand?

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