David's a STAR!!! We all attended a show of talent today, complete with a Thanksgiving potluck meal, put on by grandson David's school. Funtastic! It was short... it was funny... and best of all, with grades 1-8 inclusive, our youngest, David, had the most lines. He was a rooster and a mighty fine rooster indeed! As lead barnyard critter, David was met with a flighty robin asking him "why the cockadoodle-doo" each morning. He decided, why indeed... and proceeded to tell each of the barnyard critters what to cockadoodle do! Well you know what happened; they didn't take to that at all... and he "pouted" in a corner of the barnyard... where his "chick" suggested he use a different approach. He then praised all the barnyard creatures for their contributions to society... wool, eggs, milk, etc. and they all lived happily ever after. Good Job, David!!!

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