MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Last evening we went to the 5:30 pm service at Patti & Rich's church. David, of course sang with his school during the service. It was a lovely service with lots of singing! I enjoyed it. Today we woke up to sunshine AND snow!!! There was just enough to make the world look clean and new. It's still beautiful. Then I had a nice telephone visit with Natalie, who is enjoying the day snuggled in her nice little home. Just before lunch time I made a big pumpkin pie because David LOVES pumpkin pie and we are expecting him and his family for dinner this afternoon. Then I just went online and read Janice's blog. I love you Janice!. I'm glad to see you're having a nice cozy "at home" Christmas too! I know that you and Susan already celebrated Christmas a week ago and will be going to Hawaii soon... I for one am envious! Once again! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! HO! HO! HO!

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