Sirs Lancelot and Galahad went off to defend a lady's honor this morning! What was her problem you ask? She was attacked by a big ol' virus, then quarantined by a big ol' company! The Klez virus: wasn't really aware of such a thing until last night's Internet SIG where Mary regaled us with her misfortune. Returning home from a wonderful vacation in Finland visiting a former exchange student who lived with her, she returned home to have scheduled knee surgery, and received word from her broadband ISP, Charter Communications, that her cable connection was terminated. What happened?

Seems Charter monitors email transmissions and denoted a BIG increase in activity emanating from her computer! It seems that Klez resides on one's hard drive and then sends off volumes of email with silly subjects and silly content to everybody on your mailing list. If you don't nip it in the bud, it quickly can get out of hand. We were glad to hear that the cable company is doing something to decrease effects of such a virus... but sorry for Mary. The company's letter to her related that she is "quarantined" until the virus is gone and a second offense would mean permanent disconnect from their services!

What to do? Frank and Larry (what a team)... were up and at 'em early this morning... off to save the damsel in distress! They tried but had to call in a higher authority... our trusted computer service shop. It's fixable but at quite a cost! It will require retrieval of documents on her hard drive and reformatting. She had Norton antivirus program on her machine, but it wasn't up-to-date, so she already has purchased the newest, latest and greatest of their programs besides the cost of cleaning up and reformatting her hard drive!

Don't have an antivirus program? Get one! Got one? Keep it updated! You can only get rid of those viruses easily if you are current. My suggestion, if you don't already have an antivirus program? Get AVG - a free antivirus program downloadable from AVG AntiVirus. It is highly recommended by many of our computer group's members!

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