Turkey Day is gone and so is the turkey!!! ... what?
...no turkey? What a marvelous group my family is! What a compliment! They LOVE my cooking! Either that, or they were extremely hungry. It's all gone... the 21 pound gobbler, all the trimmings, the pies, yup, even the veggies!
There were eighteen of us... included this year was the Bug's wonderful new friend, Susan. Absent again... out searching for that big buck, was Windy's Dave. Hope you get one, Dave!

Such a noisy bunch we are... such a joy! Everybody catching up on what's going on with everybody else, breaking bread together, and more visiting! I love Thanksgiving. It's all the wonderful camaradery with no strings attached. The turkey was overdone... just the way we like it. The jalapeno corn bread - fresh from the machine - was funny to look at but delicious... a taste for everybody! Sweet potatoes, with and without marshmallows... wonderful string beans... lots of "smashed" potatoes... stuffing cooked the way everybody in our gang likes it - outside of the turkey - crispy and crunchy... mmmmm cranberries... the pickles and olives tray... the fresh veggy sticks... pies - pumpkin, cherry and apple... and the new family favorite dessert - a wonderful creamy lemon "pie" - a variation on weight-watcher's key lime pie recipe!

Thank you God, for my wonderful family! Keep them safe..... and please take good care of OttO's stepson Miguel. We don't know where he is right now, but bless him and bring him home safely to his family.

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