What a glorious event! I'm so blessed to have such a big family!What a noisy boisterous bunch we are when we're all together! Could they hear us down at the corner? How about the next house over? It's a good reason for living "out in the country" even though that's beginning to close in on us. All were here except Janice and well, we just saw her Thanksgiving Day so that's good! We had a crowd! We had fun! We played and exchanged gifts and talked and bragged and drank gallons of punch and pop! We ate and then we ate some more! Took loads of photos and loaded all the digital ones onto our computers... made CD's for some... loaded onto laptops for others. All in all it was a satisfying, fulfilling day!

Our house is quiet again. AmyLou Mae came up from the "dungeon" and joined her fellow cats and favorite humans last night. We watched a movie on TV... The Others... i remember seeing all the advertisements for it a while ago. It was kinda dumb... then kinda exciting... and we went to bed at a relatively normal bedtime... and we slept in this morning. Life is good...

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