At first hearing, I thought some horrible hackerchild "hit" one of my daughter's websites! Two pages of her site, including the index page are totally missing! Gone! Kaput! Go there and find empty pages! Other pages are still present... so are images, so what gives? I advised her to change her password for starters - not just her Angelfire password but her other passwords as well! This is probably good advice even if somebody didn't somehow latch on to her password to mess around. The other thing we learned... Always save a backup of your work on your harddrive - - especially when you've done all that beautiful work using HTML and JavaScript! That's a LOT of work that disappeared!

At first logical thinking, I determined that Angelfire was probably at fault!Angelfire is the webhost for a website i created for our lake association. The last time i updated that site occurred after Angelfire updated their site - i'm not sure to what extent but their directories look different. I was able to "fix" it somewhat but could no way - no how - get it all back to it's original look. I first thought it might be something i did wrong... after all i haven't been using FrontPage very long. Today, however, i sent the very same files up to my vanity domain and voila!!! There it was in all it's glory! I had done NOTHING wrong!

Conclusion: Angelfire is unstable. Don't know why; don't know for how long. The relatively small annual fee i pay for my own domain name and accompanying web host is well worth it's weight in gold!!! But small dilemma... SalasCove is located in Hackert Lake but the Lake Association website will be located at SalasCove!!! How's that gonna look?

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