Doctor S just phoned me - herself - in person! She told me that the cardiolyte stress test i took on Wednesday showed a slight abnormality... a small blockage. Well! No wonder i've been feeling so weird!!! How long has this been going on? Why wasn't Dr. M able to check into it? I will receive a phone call next week from cardiologist's office... with an appointment. Meanwhile? Take it easy... continue taking aspirin... Okey Dokey, Doctor. You are wonderful!!!

Was just listening to Tom Ridge, Secretary of Homeland Defense... explaining why the alert level was just changed to orange. Bottom line... Do not be concerned; go about your life as normal... but all families should have a plan of action should they need it. This is where i think a cellphone is a biggy! Ours just died. We will get a new phone - a new service - one that has transformers near our summer lakeside home. I think we all need to be able to contact family members should electicity go out - whether it's in your neighborhood - your city - or God forbid... an even larger area! Meanwhile, I've added a couple of weblinks from the site: one of them is about "Homeland Defense - your role as a citizen."

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