Happy Valentine's Day! Hooooooo-eee i almost forgot it! Been a busy day. Started early with my bi-monthly housekeeping helper and another attack on the room that plans to be a "guest room" before too much longer! You've got to know this room, officially known as "the old kitchen" and was in actuality a "storage" room... a kind word for well, you might call it the ultimate junk drawer. But not anymore; it's actually shaping up - a great feeling!

Hey! I took my first "high blood pressure" med this morning - half a tablet of a popular, inexpensive beta blocker. I think i'm feeling better already. The cardiologist is a wonder! We met him yesterday and he explained all about what might be going on with my heart in extensive detail. Even my hubby - a triple bypass veteran of three years now, was impressed! There appears to be some sort of blockage in two different places of the left ventricle. Looks like there's a heart catheterization in my future... the best way to find out exact details for his final decision-making. Good news! The place will be St. Mary's even though the cardiologist is in Bay City. I told him that we learned at the Teddy Bear Reunion that they are number ten in heart care in the U.S.... number five in our state! Says a lot for our state and for St. Mary's, don't ya think? When it's over we'll know whether I take pills, have angioplasty or bypass surgery. Cross your fingers, kids! As you know, i don't handle pain well... and i do like to wear my swim suit in summer!

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