I have to be at the hospital tomorrow at 7:00a.m.... yes, me! Had no choice. A half hour after we met my new doctor got the wheels in motion to see if there's any reason for a variety of symptoms i've been telling the last doctor for a year or more already. Right then and there her nurse administered an EKG. Tomorrow the cardiolyte stress test... the 10th a carotid ultrasound... in between - the blood work... and on the 19th - feedback time. By then she will have all test results plus records from the past few years. Ah yes... and the pills she prescribed for vertigo worked miracles! I've only had to take them twice... on different days... and i'm no longer a dizzy broad!

Did i mention? Her office staff are delightful... friendly... attentive... and that's new too! Not only that but i don't expect i'll be arguing with Quest Diagnostics or my secondary insurance people anymore! Dr. M's staff consistently - every year - provided inaccurate information to those who wanted to bill me personally. Every time i had my annual exams i would spend months trying to get the bills paid by my insurers! This doctor's staff has never given us that kind of problems in the many years el spouso has been seeing her.

Now if only we can get out of the driveway in the morning!

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