Life happens..... thank God, and we who take it as it comes - without too much complaint - are the better for it, don't you think? It's been happening for us fast and furious lately! I guess it's a good healthy thing to be busy... never a dull moment and all that stuff, but hey! Give me a break! What's new at my house? For starters..... been trying to keep up the various websites i volunteered to create! Like childbirth, getting it all started is the fun part; maintenance is much more difficult! It takes patience, discipline and time.

We just attended the St. Mary's Hospital Teddy Bear Reunion for our third time... the second time (last year) I made a website with pictures, etc. Since then i expanded it to include Heart Support Group meetings... and haven't updated the past few months... and now we have another reunion to put in the site! We'll get it done but i know what my biggest problem is. When i started doing this el spouso had just started using his digital camera and only took 40 or 50 pictures per event - a "workable" number to choose from. Now he typically takes at least a couple of hundred!!!! Hey gramps, give me a break! Anyway, i'll be updating it sometime this week... with some really nice photos of this year's Teddy Bear Reunion...

Recently finished the Holton Players website and am mighty proud of it! Thanks to Sharba, who chose the best of the best pics out of over 400 of them, it's a good looking website!

Last week, after a little trouble with the webhost, Angelfire, I got the Lake Association Website updated! I finally "fixed" it by loading the whole site up to our domain with just an updated "front page portal" with the old address so i wouldn't have to advise our faithful visitors of the change! I kind of like it that way... I have a few more things i'd like to add to this site but they can wait

Right now my big concern is health! I've always been "healthy" even before i quit some of my worse bad habits... but lately??? Aging can be a bummer but it's better than the alternative! Had an ultrasound of my carotid arteries yesterday... brought gramps into the room with me so he could watch the monitor during the testing. The technician spent a lot more time investigating my left artery than she did with the right one... spouse said it looked a little different too... but we won't really know until a week from tomorrow when i see my doctor again for feedback from all the testing that's been going on. Before then i also have an appointment scheduled to see a cardiologist on Thursday afternoon! Bringing gramps along to that one too!

The good news here is.... ta dah!!! Dr. S told me to refrain from exercise so i sit a lot.... mostly at the computer!!! ;-) Instead of playing games i can "play with my websites" so maybe more updates are coming.

More news, our oldest grandson just got a new truck and asked me to put a picture up on "one of" my websites. I will... when he responds to my email asking him to give me some details about the truck and tell me which website he wants to see it on. I love you James!!!

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