Okay! You've listened to me whine about this heart/testing thing for what seems like forever so here's the rest of the story. Here i am - at home - sitting at my computer! I am pleased... I am happy... I am proud to announce that i am indeed as perfect as we always knew i am! ;-) What a relief! Dr. C is the best!!! We had to wait... he had to wait... because of an emergency - an unfortunate woman whose stent needed some repair work done on it. We were not at all disturbed by this fact once we knew the situation... would sure want some quick attention if it was one of our family... and were glad that she was able to get the quick attention. I was able to see the monitor during the whole process. It's a remarkable thing to watch your own heart beating!!! ...and as we watched the doctor commented... telling me what a healthy heart it is! It went like that throughout the event as he told me what to expect next. Everybody in that hospital is so caring and helpful. So there you have it. What we saw as a result of the cardiolyte photography was what he called a "false positive" just as he told us it could be.

So? The dizziness that brought me to the doctor is undoubtedly vertigo... since taking the prescribed Antivert controls it. Thank God it doesn't happen a lot. The shortness of breath? At this point... it could be a malfunction of my pulmonary system or it could be lack of exercise. I'm still voting for the lack of exercise theory because... hey! I quit smoking ten years ago... this short breath thing has only been going on for probably less than a year. Why would it wait this long to surface? My theory... as the knees bothered me worse (probably because i'm too fat) i became more careful when i walk... resulting in what do you suppose? Perhaps less walking? I think so... the saga will continue since we've gone this far. It's a dumb time to quit. we'll wait and see what Dr. S has to say about it. Meanwhile i'm planning to get an exercise plan going for real - for life!!!

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