OttO left a message on my tagboard.... saying "I can't blog." Well i can relate! Notice nothing since Valentine's Day? Since then I've had a lake association meeting... got lots of strokes there!!! Results of the survey included nothing but positive stuff about the website! Makes me feel good! It's motivating to know people "give a rip" about something you love to do. Going to see Dr. S. this morning. Making spouse go in with me! Kind of scarey... much more scarey than terrorist threats!!! The threats to my health are more real... and imminent! Is there surgery in my future? I really hope NOT!!! Closest i've had to surgery in my life was a D&C a couple of years ago! Prior to that... childbirths.... five times..... all "natural" with no help from no body!!! Well, maybe the doctors and the babies! ;-) Well, gotta go.... see ya soon... will keep you posted.

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