Survived getting up at 5:45am! That was probably the most stressful part of the stress test... the good news is: because i was so tired from getting up early all that "twenty minutes" under the camera for my own personal "nuclear testing" was easy to take. I - a person who just can't nap during the day - was happy for the two little 20 minute naptimes! ;-) You know the deal... they load your veins with chemicals to make circulatory activity show up when you get your "picture" taken. Wonder if i'm still glowing!!?! - in the dark, that is. They don't call it nuclear medicine for nothing! Had to actually walk the treadmill though... i thought i was gonna get the "chemical treatment" for that so i could do my stress test lying down... but that was not to be.

Doctor was surprised that i reached my target stress point so fast though... said i'd better start walking every day!!! Will know more later.

Colin Powell is talking right now - revealing all the dirt about Saddam's hidden "treasures" and this means war i'm sure. Yes, i hear some bleeding hearts protesting war - but many of the actual people who are involved or have family members involved in the military know that sometimes war is necessary. I heard a guy belly-aching the other day about "when they bring home the first body bag." My God! What do these whiners think we had on 911!!!?! Those poor innocents didn't join any military to serve and protect. They were innocent civilians! How many 911's do we need before the crybabies understand the difference? How many civilian body bags do we need to pack up because of sadistic evil dictators and misled quasi-religious monsters and their misguided suicide mission warriors? Wake up peaceniks!!! Smell the blood. Sniff the warfare chemicals the monsters are creating and hiding from the inspectors! We don't need our precious military men and women coming home to a bunch of misguided liberals screaming about what "bad" people they are because they were out in the world protecting their families from the evil-doers of this world!

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