What's wrong with me... somebody who always has something to say... maybe sometimes TOO much!? Don't know. Used to say it was the "ions in the air"... could that still be true? It's looking like lots of the blogs i frequent are slowing down. I know that February... contrary to the calendar... has always been the longest month of the year. Winter's already been around too long; spring is still too far away; when it doesn't snow everything is ugly; when it does snow it's just a little too depressing to see that winter is hanging around.

Eleven days ago i visited the cardiologist who recommended a heart catheterization to find out what's slowing down the flow of blood to my heart. We decided it will be done at the hospital of my choice. Unfortunately i think the doctor would really like me to change my mind. They're still messing around with the scheduling thing. Problem is location. He is in one city; preferred hospital is in another. Why is it me who alrways has so many problems with doctors? Maybe it's because i'm the "healthy" one? Saw Dr. S for a followup and she reported all things excellent!!!... except for that one little blockage problem!!!??? Even my cholesterol count is perfect! Listen up smokers!!!! She suggests the blockage problem could be result of smoking... even though i quit ten years ago. Quit now! Quit while you're ahead! Here i am... perfect example... perfect health except for that one little problem. Unfortunately that one little problem leaves me occasionally short of breath. Sure, a pill helps relieve that problem, but it doesn't make it go away!

Hey everybody, this is Jamie's truck! Isn't it cool? We visited him and his family last Sunday and i've been meaning to post this picture ever since! See what i mean about the blogging thing? It's gotta be the ions. ...and then Monday last week we had a board meeting of the lake association. Didn't even stop by and look at the cottage. Were concerned we might sink into the drifts with my little pickup truck. We found out last year that 4 wheel drive doesn't work worth a darn when you suddenly sink down to snow that's higher than your bumper! All i can say is it was a "crusty" situation! ;-)

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