Last night i received a 'panic' call from a fellow blogger...she wanted to update her Blogger template and all the new information was gone... even though the URL brought her to the latest version. Then she went to her newest blog - a meme - and found that she had no template whatsoever! I suggested she back up all blogs to her hard drive. Here's how.

You now have your templates for all of your archives as well as the latest version. I'm sure you know how to 'view source' to see all of your HTML. If you should lose everything you can start a new template... delete the whole blamed thing and replace with the HTML from your saved pages!

Don't know how to get the HTML? Try this offline... it works. Open a webpage you saved to your hard drive. 'Right click' anywhere on the page. On the resulting dropdown menu, click on 'view source' and voila! There's all of your HTML!

I went to my Grumbleeze template just prior to posting this and found i have an OLD template there... Hopefully this is a temporary problem and we will soon find all ills fixed. I had a similar problem on March 31 - which i blogged about. I went to my URL and found somebody else's blog there! That time I was able to go into my template... it was correct... and i just republished it! Perhaps later today I'll try to fix this one by deleting what's there and copying into the space the HTML that i downloaded last night! Right now i have to go 'become legal'.... yup you heard me! It's 'National Pay Your Taxes Day' - and i need to balance my checkbook to see if we can afford to pay ours! What fun. God bless the U.S.A.!

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