Major coup!!! You know how you try and try to do something... and the more you try, the more you can't get it? Then something magic happens... something ticks you off... you get really mad... then boom! It's solved! Out of the blue! It just kind of 'dawned on me' that... duh... part of the path was missing! It's kind of like who would have thought it was part of the path... it's not used in the URL! What are you babbling about granni?

The blog! The vanity site! I had given up on trying to get one of my blogs up to my domain! I DID it! Today! After emailing PowWeb tech support... being blown off... emailing them again (who do they think they ARE... blowing ME off???)... less than five minutes after the second email went out to them i figured it out! DUH ME!!! She who needs no more websites... needs no more blogs... has a new one... Joe Average Family... written through CrimsonBlog but published at salascove!!!!

...so i can do this with Blogger then! I went to a Blogger blog that i've ignored... thinking i'll probably delete it because i have too many blogs to keep track of anyway... changed my settings and now... ta dah!!! later granni is at salascove too!

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