My town has a big fishing shindig going on... they call it a 'walleye festival' and the newspaper says it brings 10,000 people into town every year. They should call it the giant rummage sale because more people go 'rummaging' than they do fishing! This morning as i was leaving town to spend a nice quiet day with family in a neighboring town, i had to slowly weave my way back and forth around people and parked cars for the first mile. Half a dozen rummage sales from here to the corner practically blocked through traffic! It's a two lane road... cars parked on both sides, just slightly off the road leaving a path down the middle for moving vehicles. People wander back and forth across the road, down the middle of the road to the next rummage sale... a major traffic hazard to any sane person! All of this is not only allowed by the local 'powers that be' but it is encouraged! The fishing? It starts at midnight tonight... kickoff of the walleye season! Good luck, fisherpeople!

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