Blog... blog... blog! Spent quite some time checking out blogging places today. There are many... not all equal i think. At least half the websites i've created were 'just to see how it works' and i don't want to get in that situation with blogs! After compiling a list of 15 blog servers... visiting some of the blogs on those servers... and having blogs on more than one place myself, i've come to the conclusion that Blogger is right up there at the top of the list!

Many of the sites i visited seemed to be little more than glorified message boards... lots of interaction, but not much content. Many of them tout the community aspects of their services... but don't offer much in the way of individuality. Want to add pictures? Doesn't look like most of them allow that! A friend of mine uses UpSaid, but she feels it's more difficult to work with the templates... changing colors, backgrounds and such. I've used WebCrimson and feel the same way about templates to a certain extent. It's fairly easy to change background colors, but i've had little luck in changing to background images. You can add photos to WebCrimson, as you can with Blogger, if you have another place to store the photos... but WebCrimson makes it easier to add photos to your blog directly from your hard drive - if you are using FTP to your own website. Blogger isn't quite as simple, but that's not really a big problem anyway.

I'm a little concerned about Blogger's 'new look' though. One friend has tried the 'new' Blogger and turned out a really beautiful blog, but she is using Blogger as her server. I wanted to create a photo blog for the Mayday Project... and first tried Blogger's new look. The difference between my friend and i was that i wanted to use FTP to my personal domain. Although i have Blogger blogs on my domain under the 'old' system, i could NOT get my photo project up to my domain using Blogger's 'new' system. That was the reason i went to WebCrimson and it was a piece of cake! Today WebCrimson is down... bummer! Wanted to add to the photo blog. The bad news? Any blogs using WebCrimson as server are down as well. The good news? Even though i can't work on them, my personal domain blogs are up and looking good! I hope WebCrimson is up and running soon; it's a good place to blog. But... even more..... I hope Blogger gets those little bugs out of their system prior to the big changeover because i'm hooked on running my blogs at my domain.

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